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At Driven Life Performance, we believe when you’re functioning mentally and physically at your best, you can experience more of anything you want in your life! Our team of educated trainers and nutrition coaches bring their knowledge and experience to develop programs designed especially for you; based on foundational nutrition, fitness training, and quality formulated supplements.  

Driven Life Performance supports you with increasing your drive for a better quality of life. Whether you want to improve your energy, strength, performance, endurance, or overall general health, we’re here to help

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Imagine increased strength and stamina to achieve your goals.

Imagine a more restful sleep and mental acuity for a productive and fulfilling life. 

When you choose Driven Life Performance Team, everything you need is all in one place to help achieve sustainable, long-term results.


Leave the details to us.

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable Coaches, Certified Trainers, and Dieticians. They work together creating custom programs designed to give you the solution you need to live your best life!

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Our training programs are made to give you the best results by pairing top coaching, a customized program, nutrition, and supplementation.


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We tailor this program specifically for you to crush those goals and achieve optimum performance.

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ETL Men’s subscription box

Want the full package? The ETL Subscription box includes your custom training program, nutrition plan, monthly delivery of supplements, and more! 

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Choose from a variety of supplements for all your fitness and wellness needs.

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Client Testimonials

“Coach Kelly Goes to great lengths to educate herself on all aspects of fitness, psychological, physical and nutrition to optimize the individual needs and goals of her clients. Her coaching is unique and personal.”

“Maja’s approach kept me on track, motivated, accountable and engaged in every aspect of my fitness journey. The nutritional guidance she provided has been a major factor in helping me achieve my current results. Changing up my workouts when needed has also kept me interested and challenged in my workouts. I never find myself “bored” with my routine.

“I’ve been on the Life Program for 3 weeks, I can already see the difference in my body and the way I feel.  Jeanette is my nutrition coach and she is amazing.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. “

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