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Eat. Train. Live.



Imagine increased strength and stamina to achieve your goals.

Imagine a more restful sleep and mental acuity for a productive and fulfilling life. 

When you choose Driven Life Performance Team, everything you need is all in one place to help achieve sustainable, long-term results.



Scientific Results

With proven science showing the direct connection between gut health and its effect on our mental health, we understand the benefits and importance of optimizing these for overall performance and mental acuity in navigating life’s challenges.

There are essential factors in making life more comfortable. When you fuel your body with the proper nutrition for training, you move better and increase your energy levels. When you feel better, you sleep better, which improves cognitive function allowing you to make better decisions. The cycle perpetuates, creating a healthy routine.


Leave the details to us

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable Coaches, Certified Trainers, and Dieticians. They work together creating custom programs designed to give you the solution you need to live your best life!

Set up for success

When you have a complete plan including critical components of fitness, nutrition, supplement support and mindset along with all the tools, coaching and accountability you need, you can experience more of what drives your purpose.

With packages for every level, we’re sure you will find what suits your needs. Just click the link to help you start and find the best fit to help you achieve more!

All coaching packages are accessible through the Driven Life Performance App, and coaching availability by phone, live video or messaging.

Shop our coaching programs


Custom Training

We tailor this program specifically for you to crush those goals and achieve optimum performance. 

  • Custom-designed training program for the gym, at home, or a combination of both
  • Weekly live session with a coach to monitor progress, form correction, and provide informative feedback
  • Macronutrient Prescription calculated for you so your nutrition is in line with your goals
  • Program accessible on the app for complete descriptions and videos of each exercise to keep you on track
  • Option to add on the macro prescription program and get them both for $325/month (savings of $50)



ETL - Eat Train Live Custom Program

Our ETL Program encompasses our philosophy that when you eat well, train right, you’ll live better!  We know that when you have all the pieces of the puzzle, you’ll achieve success much faster.  The ETL Program is for those driven to experience more life, more strength, confidence, clarity, and overall happiness. You strive to thrive, and progress is all in the details.

Let us break it down for you and provide a firm foundation with ongoing support in your pursuit of success.

  • In-depth consultation to determine your needs and goals, your lifestyle and personality to design a plan that works for you
  • Complete meal plan with recipes, portion calculation, food lists, and meal ideas
  • Weekly check-in with Coach for support and to monitor progress, adapt your plan based on biofeedback, how you’re responding to the changes as it’s an ongoing process
  • Total Body Training Program with cardio and strength components, whether you train in a gym or at home
  • Full access to coaches for complete accountability, guidance, and all the tools you need
  • Coaching for sustainable lifestyle changes, for improved sleep, stress management, mindset which all play a role in your ability to achieve your goals

Macros Prescription

The Macro Prescription is for the individual who prefers to fly solo.

We will provide you with the basics to keep it simple and get you started on your path to wellness.

  • Consultation to determine your needs and goals.
  • Macronutrient calculation prescriptions for the daily intake of carbs, proteins, and fats you should be consuming based on your goals and calorie targets.
  • Biweekly check-in with your coach for support and any adjustments based on biofeedback and response.

“Coach Kelly Goes to great lengths to educate herself on all aspects of fitness, psychological, physical and nutrition to optimize the individual needs and goals of her clients. Her coaching is unique and personal.”

“I highly recommend Coach Kelly, in only a few weeks she has helped me learn so much about myself and my body.  I have tried so many different programs out there that have not worked but this program has been a lifesaver for me!”

“I saw an obvious change in my mood when I didn’t get enough sleep – craved sugar and comfort foods and was overall grumpy and unmotivated.  It’s interesting when you start tracking it how you notice how different things affect you.”

“Since starting a custom training program and being coached by Maja I’ve noticed I have a clearer head, more confidence, less anxiety, make better nutrition choices, have lost weight, and increased my strength!”

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